You are the Magician

A wizard, a shaman, a priest, a prophet

Some people say you are the New Entrepreneur

For you bring conscious innovation, wisdom, and light into the world

For you, life is limitless, possibilities are endless, the potential is infinite

you devour human problems

Each problem is…

we smile and say that it’s fine when it’s not really fine.

We pretend to be someone else just to make others happy.

We work so hard just to make others proud.

We fake happiness because no one cares about our emotions.

And at the end of the day, it…

It’s such a strange thing to be so attached to a single word, but i promise you, it does exist. The last time i was called this was when i was in a throw-away relationship. i dont like commitment, i knew it wasnt going to last long, but i lead…

we are so much more than our bodies. we are so much more than what we look like to society. it’s so hard for everyone to accept themselves. society tears down each and every little bit of confidence one person could have. society rips us apart. our bodies are turned…

You should do everyone a favor and just disappear.

No wonder everyone left you. No wonder He wants nothing to do with you. You’re pathetic. A fuckup. Did you really believe anyone would want you? That anyone would love you? That you would be important for anyone, important enough for…

Anjali Ritesh Sharma

Time is precious, waste it wisely. Read my writings

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