When you do too much for someone but they still don’t appreciate you and leave you like you never meant a thing to them , like you never planned your whole future together…. just like that with no explanation, no reason nothing he left me there’s no word that can explain my pain right now..

I feel like the world became black and white I keep replaying all the memories we had together , listening to his voice recording when he told me that he loves me so much reading the old messages when he told me “don’t you ever leave me” and I promised him but he ended up to be the one who left….how can someone do that to someone he “loves”? How can I move on from this? I’m so Heartbroken because I know I’ll be too hard on myself and I’d force myself to not think about him and it’s so unhealthy….what should I do?…

I was the one who left. But , count your blessings, because this is a blessing in disguise. You’ll get over this, it’ll take time. But you will get there. Start by removing his number, photo, videos any memories you shared together. Don’t speak of him, yeah of course you’ll still think of him, it’s only natural but it’ll gradually become less and less, you’ll realise this. It’ll hurt, just not as much, this is when you have accepted what has happened and are making progress moving on. Distract yourself, whether that’s social media, games, anything you enjoy. Meet friends, sleep, spend time with family.

Select a new hobby and dive into it with a goal in mind, maybe join sports leagues and spend free time training in between seasons.

Meet new people, but be careful to be honest with the “new” relationship IF you’re still not over the “old” relationship and tell them that you are not looking for any commitments. You don’t want to end up using a rebound relationship and hurting them.

Don’t do anything self-destructive such as turning to alcohol or promiscuity. Both have detrimental health effects as well as detrimental social media effects.

Strengthen your faith; read about a man who walked this earth 2000 years ago with 2 simple messages to the world:

a. Have faith and love God first and foremost.

b. Love your fellowman as you love yourself.

Time is precious, waste it wisely. Read my writings